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Finca Tierra

Finca Tierra (Earth Farm) offers educational programs that promote self-sufficient sustainability through the instruction, demonstration and practice of permaculture (permanent agriculture) principles.  Throughout the year our permaculture education and demonstration center hosts various sustainable living experiences.  We welcome individuals interested in gaining sustainability knowledge through exposure to our working farm, which we’ve strived to develop as a carefully designed permaculture environment.

According to their website, offers include:

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses for those ready to be totally immersed in sustainability

Internships for those with a PDC, prepared to delve thoroughly into the complex systems of permaculture

Tours for those curious to learn about the basic concepts underlying permaculture

Volunteer positions, always with a very specific focus, for those wanting to help advance our mission while learning

“Finca Tierra farm and eco-lodge welcomes visitors of all ages and nationalities.  We readily share the vitally important knowledge of permaculture systems, which can be applied in urban, suburban and rural settings all around the world, in all growing climates and conditions.  We’re a people oriented learning facility, seeking energetic, enthusiastic and committed individuals, dedicated to working with others to accomplish the common vision of self-sufficient sustainability through the practice of permaculture.

We’re 100% solar powered, totally off the grid, and harvest both rainwater and natural spring water.  Our organic gardens and food forests supply most of the produce and products used in our farm-to-table meals.  All menu ingredients are prepared in our modern kitchen facility housed in a bamboo and thatch structure.  Our buildings are all constructed with natural materials that we mostly gather and fabricate onsite. As with all other farm practices, our structures adheres to the standards of permaculture design.

Finca Tierra is located near the village of Cocles, a lush Caribbean beach-rimmed jungle community not far from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon Province, Costa Rica.  The fabulous tree-lined sand beaches south of Puerto Viejo are a ten minute drive from Finca Tierra”.

More info at : http://fincatierra.com


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