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Dad pulls over after sons ask if they can help a man in a wheel chair to shovel snow.

Daniel, Jr., 10, and Dominic, 6, Medina asked their dad to pull over so they could help a stranger shovel snow. They cleared off the sidewalk, the bus stop, and the area around the man’s car. The boys said their inspiration came from their mother, who lives in New Mexico, and uses a wheelchair.

Sometimes, shoveling snow can reveal more than just a sidewalk.

For Daniel Medina, Winter Storm Caly meant a trip to the mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to buy new snow boots for his sons, Daniel, Jr., 10, and Dominic, 6.

But it also meant an unexpected stop, one where his boys revealed a bit of their inner character.

“I’m just driving, trying to focus on not sliding in the snow the boys were like ‘Dad, pull over, pull over!’” Daniel told “I thought maybe they had spilled something or something, but they said ‘Look at that, look at the guy in the wheelchair, he’s shoveling.’” Daniel looked up to see a strange house in a strange neighborhood. He’d never been there before, never seen the man in the chair who was trying to shovel the ramp from his front door.

“Daniel said, ‘Let’s go help him,’” Daniel said, “and Dominic was like ‘I’m putting on my new boots!’”

They asked the man if he had any extra shovels and then the Medina boys went to work. They cleared off the sidewalk in front of the man’s corner lot, they cleared the heavily used bus stop in front of the house, and when asked, cleared the area around the man’s car so he could get to a doctor’s appointment in the morning.

The boys spent about 45 minutes clearing snow, much to the delight of the resident and a neighbor, who told them he used to do the shoveling before his arthritis got too bad.

“He was telling us God bless you and that we were doing a good job, and then he brought out some homemade sausage and gave it to us,” Daniel told “He said it’s not a payment, it’s gift for you guys.”

The boys said their inspiration came from their mother, who lives in New Mexico, and uses a wheelchair.

“Their grandmother asked them why they wanted to stop, and they said ‘We would want someone to stop and help her if she needed it.’”

Daniel posted a photo of what he calls a “proud dad moment” on Facebook, where it got lots of attention. The boys were “freaking out” over the number of likes and comments, and that’s before it blew up. Local media outlets picked up the story and soon, it was everywhere.

“They’re kind of like little celebrities,” he told “All my family has been calling to talk to them and tell them how proud they are.”

Daniel told he’s proud of them, too.

“For them to want me to pull over in the middle of a snowstorm so they could jump out, that was great,” Daniel told “It makes me feel like they’re going to grow up to be good guys.”

But even the greatest guys can’t keep it up forever. By the time they got home to shovel their own driveway, the boys had run out of steam.

“They were like ‘Oh well you know dad it’s pretty late, and we’ve got to shower and get ready for school in the morning,’” Daniel told “‘We think you can handle it.’”

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