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When positive messages meet art

In 2013, 20-year-old creator of novelty Peregrine Church learned about super-hydrophobic coatings from a video online, and he began to brainstorm creative uses for the material.

Since super-hydrophobic coatings repel water and keep surfaces dry, and since concrete changes color in the rain, Peregrine thought he might be able to use the super-hydrophobic coating to create hidden messages that only appear on rainy days.

He presented his idea to local organization The Awesome Foundation, who awarded him a $1,000 grant to begin experimenting his concept. Peregrine used the grant money to purchase a variety of super-hydrophobic coatings and began to make small tests near his home.

Fast forwarding to today,

What’s a Rainwork?

Rainworks are positive messages and art that appear when it rains.

Their purpose: To turn rainy days into something to look forward to!

So, check their website for more info: https://rain.works

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