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Credibility leads to Credit-ability

My first story will be more sales oriented and I apologize for that right up front.

I was working with a customer to help automate a very paper based process they had been using for years.

Many presentations, many delays, but always the commitment to be there when needed, whenever that need arose.

My role changed and I started working for a different customer. Two years passed, and I get a call.

“Hey Bill, remember that creative and time saving idea you pitched to us several years ago?”. Yes. “Well, we just got buy-in and funding. Can you help us?” After a pause, I told them that I no longer worked for the company whose solution I was presenting.

Their response, “Would you be willing to create a side company, get it registered with us, and bring in the solution you presented?” Hmmm…That would take some work and I would have to get others on-board to make this happen. Their response, “We will help you…

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