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Indebted for “Sight”

In 1995, I got my first pair of contact lenses. Excited about ditching my glasses, I used to wear them all the time.

The doctor failed to notice that I had a condition called ‘dry eyes’.

Soon my cornea got irritated and infected.

My parents frantically took me from doctor to doctor. Within 2 days, my visioned blurred.

I felt like I was going blind. My uncle heard about my worsening condition.

He took me immediately to the best eye surgeon, Dr. P.S. Mehr in Agha Khan Hospital.

A minor operation was performed immediately .

The surgeon proclaimed that had I come 30 minutes later, I would’ve gone blind. Rigorous antibiotics finally cured me.

Almost 20 years later, this same uncle was diagnosed with cancer. I went to visit him after his chemotherapy session.

He was admitted in that same hospital. As I walked down the corridor, it struck me how the situation was reversed.

He was the sick one, and I had no way of cure him….

Story shared by our readers.

Written by Shaheen Galaria

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