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Pilot finds out his school teacher is flying with him

The Captain of Turkish Airline came to know that his teacher in the University is on baord the flight. See his reaction and respect.

It is not every day that you get to see scenes like this on a flight. But what happened on this Turkish Airlines flight left everyone on the plane in tears… of happiness and gratitude.

Journalist Ihtisham ul Haq took to Twitter to share the moving video of what a Tukish Airlines pilot did when he found out that he was flying the aircraft with his teacher on board.

The pilot announces that his teacher is on the flight, and then the entire cabin crew is seen walking up to the teacher – an old man now – to thank him with a bouquet of flowers.

The crew kisses the teacher’s hand in respect and then makes way for the pilot, as his overwhelmed teacher breaks down.

Passengers, visibly emotional, wipe tears as this moving tribute plays on in front of them.

Haq’s caption reads, “Turkish Airlines pilot thanks his school teacher who was on board the flight. Very moving and shows the ultimate respect to the educators who shape our lives.”

The translation: “Respected passengers, this is your captain speaking, today is a very important day. As we have a very important passenger with us. He is the Teacher who taught me to be pilot. He was a Captain for 20 years and then a teacher/instructor for 10 years. He taught me and many Captains like myself. My Captain my Teacher Sadiq Onür, I’m honored that you’re herewith us. I’m glad that you’re my teacher, I’m glad that you’re like my dad and my teacher.” (Pilot on the phone.) “On behalf of the entire Turkish airline staff I congratulate you and all other teachers on this “Teachers’ Day” please accept this bouquet, my teacher.” (The crew said.) “Using this occasion we congratulate all our teachers a very happy “Teachers’ Day” and wish you a safe flight.” (The Captain) Brother, in Turkey we celebrate a day called “Teachers’ Day.” Teaching is one of most honored and highly respected profession in Turkey. The Turkish word for Teacher is “Hoca” and pronounced as “Hoja,” Hocam means my teacher. According to our customs; kissing the right hand and taking the hand to one’s forehead is a gesture of high respect given to parents, elders and teachers, only. Thank you for giving the opportunity to translate it for you.

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