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Man Finds $43KUSD Inside Used Couch and Returns it

A compassionate Michigan man has proven that honesty is indeed the best policy after he happily returned thousands of dollars in cash that he found inside of a recently purchased secondhand couch.

Howard Kirby had bought the couch from the Habitat for Humanity store in Ossowo last month so he could use it in his at-home man cave—but after lounging on it for several weeks, he found it to be oddly uncomfortable.

When his daughter later ended up unzipping the cushions in hopes of improving the couch, they were shocked to find hundreds of dollar bills tucked inside.

In total, Kirby and his daughter pulled $43,170 in cash out of the couch cushions.

Kirby’s lawyer told him that he had no obligation to return the money, but he still felt that it was his moral duty to contact the original owner.

After calling the Habitat for Humanity store, he discovered that the couch had been donated by Kim Fauth-Newberry back in December. She had only recently donated the couch since inheriting it from her grandfather after he passed away sometime last year.

Not only was she shocked to learn of the money’s existence from the ReStore, she was even more stunned to hear that Kirby would be giving her every dime.

“It’s just crazy,” she told WNEM. “It’s completely awesome.”

Kirby later told reporters that he could have used the money for a new roof on his home, but he was happier knowing that he did the right thing.

“I always thought ‘what would I do if that ever happened’ and now I know,” says Kirby, “and it makes me feel good.”

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Photo by WNEM-TV



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