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The Cine Praça Seca

The Cine Praça Seca is an outdoor cinema broadcasting free event that is coordinated by João Paulo Bruno Bessa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The project aimed at presenting and discussing essential social themes to the almost voiceless members of the society (such as kids and senior citizens), all through short and feature films.

The main goal is to raise the awareness of the people who pass by the public square in Praça Seca, Rio de Janeiro.

The Cine Praça Seca efforts count with a community supporters that get together to show a movie and prepare some fun activities (one of the members is a clown and he tries to keep the audience entertained and engaged (mostly children)).

The Cine Praça Seca happens every 3rd Friday of the month, the main challenge has been the weather (if it rains, the event gets postponed) explained João Paulo Bruno Bessa.

To finance all these exhibitions, the community supporters sell used books that The Cine Praça Seca crew collect among themselves and make available in the website below.

The Cine Praça Seca crew:

Nélson Teles
Glaucia Cotrim
Sérgio Ávila
Paulo Correia
Lilyan Motta
Kalyane França
Bruno Lima
Helena Rossi
Maurício Rossi
Cláudia Reis
Rodrigo Guanabara
Allysson Lemos
Charles Costa

Visit the site (Portuguese only) for buying the books that helps keeping The Cine Praça Seca project happening.


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