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Run to benefit your local Food Bank

A COVID19-friendly virtual race event.

Jeff Wolfe created this Virtual Race to Support Real Food Banks As he will be turning 60 in mid May. Jeff made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and run my first ever race, a half-marathon. Everything was going according to plan. he was losing weight. he was running farther and faster than he thought he could, certainly able to complete a half-marathon. Then COVID19 arrived.

Jeff will not be running in a group in May. We are sure many of you are similarly disappointed in not having any events to compete in, because competition creates the motivation to train, with all the associated benefits.

FOOD BANKS COVID19 has also created an unprecedented need for Food Banks and a concurrent shortage of donations.

This need will continue to grow rapidly. Food Banks will be essential food sources for an increasingly large cross section of America, for many months to come.

So, this virtual event will contribute to relieving both of these problems, lack of races and food shortages at food banks.


We’re going to have a Virtual Race. As a couple of people have demonstrated, the track can be in your backyard or your balcony, or anywhere you can maintain proper social distancing.

And we’ll use the race to raise funds for the Food Banks.

Details on the event site below:


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